How our students spend free time together | Career Tips in 2018

How our students spend free time together | Career Tips in 2018


We actually hope that nobody will argue that it is rather important to spend time together with your friends, do something useful, study together or just relax, drink a cup of a flavored coffee or tea, and think about the problems of the universe or your own brilliant ideas of how to help all the people in the world! From time to we forget about such a small thing in our daily life and do our best to study or work harder and harder. It spoils our whole perception of the world and makes us feel tired and entirely upset. We should undoubtedly find time for some breaks, due to keeping friendly relations with our relatives, coworkers, colleagues, neighbors, and other people from our surrounding. So, at our university, the students fancy having fun, especially together, get known something new, and upgrade their skills in the sport.  Each of our students has something interesting to fulfill and to teach others. Active and passive rest are both preferable at our university. Let’s discuss the ways of switching off at the university more in details.

Main activities at our university

Each university has its own activities, and they are sufficiently various. Here are several of them:

  1. Going in for sports. To become a healthy student who can solve lots of different problems and study a lot, you have to play sport as much as you can. At our university, the students perform different types of the sports activities every day. There are lots of competitions in such sports as tennis, gridiron football, water polo, basketball, etc. At the competitions, our students get a huge number of different awards. They spend hours in the gym, training and preparing themselves for other exhausting marathons.
  2. Having picnics. This activity is more relaxing and productive to get new friends, have a small talk or eat a tasty shish kebab. Traditionally, our professors and tutors organize all the events like these ones, choose a menu, guess what table games will be appropriate for the students, etc. Moreover, the students can find cool music, prepare some active games or dances. In general, every month in the spring and summer we have one picnic or two.
  3. Going to the cinema.  What can be better than to watch a cute film with your buddies, crunching some popcorn and discussing a plot? For sure, nothing! Our students regularly arrange cinema going according to the film genres, time of the cinema showing, etc. Sometimes, there are hen or stag parties in the cinema, gradually increasing its popularity.  From the very beginning and till nowadays, the cinema is still one of the most desirable places ever.
  4. Getting foam parties.  A foam or bubble party is considered to be one of the most desirable things among any students’ society. We organize it from time to time at our university, and it is the most popular establishment, that is not surprisingly)! You can join our parties if you want to become one of our students in the future, we will be extremely happy to obtain new friends!
  5. Kayaking.  It is also known as a kind of sport, but due to its danger, we separated it from all other kinds of sport. Our students often take part in varied competitions of kayaking. The international ones you can observe at our site, where there is a small collection of our sports awards.
  6. Mountain climbing. For those who like extreme, we organize some campaigns for the mountains, which are truly remarkable! You can only imagine, how it is beautiful to observe the sunset in the mountains. There several tutorial guiding tours that show, what is a real danger. On holidays, our students are going to the diverse places and take wonderful photos of the tremendous landscapes ever! We already have a large collection of them. We are proud of it and suggest it to be our treasure.
  7.  Organizing food fests. If you can’t cook, we can teach you! All the traditional food all around the world is here! At our university, we have lots of students from far distinct cultures, so for us, it is a big pleasure to taste something new and to get known, how to cook it. American traditional food mixes with Asian, European and other types of the cultures. The food fests are conducted twice a year and are also beloved among our students a lot.
  8.  Having dance parties. If you want to dance a lot or to be taught how to dance or even become a superstar in dancing- your personal activity is finally found! Dances make us slim and happy, give us new energy and take away all the stress, being kept in our minds! Once a week there is a great dance party at our university, that will be conducted with hotshot DJs, cool music and a huddle of the positive emotions. Do not miss it, if you are already one of our students.
  9. Arranging diverse art exhibitions. You should be a well-educated member of the society, so it is highly important not only to spend time doing parties but also to organize various educating events, like exhibitions, visiting of various museums, establishing new museums of the university, etc. The art helps us to be creative, develop your inner sense of beauty, invent new styles of art, etc. Each person who considers him/herself to be a high-brow student has to attend such activities. We always offer our students to visit the most well-known pieces of art or create theirs. To become an individuality, you have to prepare yourself from the very beginning.

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These and other adventures the students of our university have every day. Regarding the current situation, we tend to make the more separate event to get together all the tastes and preferences. You can be totally sure in the one thing that will give you a magic push to enter our university-you will not get bored with us! So, take your things, finish your school and join us! The best team wants its accession!

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