How our students from California got divorced | A true story

How our students from California got divorced | A true story


“Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.”

Well, people from different countries and cultures divorce every day during the day! Unfortunately, in California, there is a huge number of various reasons, why the married couple cannot be together, for instance, such reasons as:

  • Religious views
  • The adultery
  • The violence in the family
  • The serious or incurable illness
  • The absence of one of the couple for more than 1 year

And the majority of other reasons that seem to be rather significant in a daily routine. At the university, your life is so cool, so pure and active, that you do not think about some grief, sorrow, the breaking of the relations or other staff.  Of course, you cannot imagine, that the marriage that exists pretty long can be completed in several days. You got married and think that such a nice time will be forever. Harrow and alas! It is not the truth! If you or your spouse are willing to terminate your marriage, nothing can stop this process. We will tell you the real story about the university couple that got happily married, but unfortunately, something went wrong, and they finally divorced. Are you ready to listen to such a dreary story? Let’s go!

The Beginning of the Relations

The romance started when Albert was in his second year at the university, and Molly was in her first course. They met at one of the university events and immediately fell in love. Albert was a little bit shy guy, but when he first saw Molly he was shocked with her natural beauty and kind eyes. So, from that day these two were constantly together. Albert was a future scientist, so all his free time the couple were spending in the university lab, trying to conduct several chemistry experiments. Molly was not so interested in studying as Albert was, but her enthusiasm made him stronger and more confident in his future inventions. A year had gone by in such a way, and the couple decided to meet together with their parents. Luckily, both sides instantly found a common language and spent a wonderful evening, speaking about the Eastern culture and drinking red wine of Albert’s parents. The fairytale was spinning up faster and faster.

The Proposal and Wedding

In several months, during the vocations in the Alps, Albert made a proposal to Molly. Of course, like every girl, she was on the cloud nine and started the preparations for the marriage. Oh my Lord! It was a fantastic wedding! So many guests, flowers, gifts, fireworks…the fiancee was so gorgeous in her purely-white dress, that a fiance even could not believe his happiness. Molly’s parents presented them a perfect gift-a 10-days tour to Goa, with all-inclusive service in one of the most famous hotels all around the world.  Everything was wonderful, but for one tiny occasion. Albert noticed that Molly did not want to have a baby immediately. She told him about her future career plans as a journalist, so no children could be until she became a well-known person and got a suitable education. It was so cool time for both of them, that guys forgot about that dialogue fast and went to the honeymoon with pleasure.


The Common Life

After all the celebrations, the routine life began. The couple continued to study and was constantly at the lectures. Unfortunately, nobody had an opportunity to spend much time with friends or common acquaintances, but their guests always admitted a coziness of their house and tasty food that Molly cooked despite all the troubles and lack of time. Albert was still spending all his time in the laboratory or lectures, but he began to be popular among the special chemistry circles. From time to time he was awarded several prizes and bonuses for his projects and works. With the course of time, the couple started to spend together at least 2-3 hours a day. Molly was going to the different parties, making new friends in her sphere, to the contrary, Albert did not want to accompany her there and they had quarrels more and more.

The Divorce

When the couple realized that something was wrong it was too late. No, they didn’t commit an adultery or didn’t fight with each other. They just were so tired of such a relationship that both of them saw only one way-a divorce. They still didn’t have children, and it made their relations even worse. Moreover, Molly truly became a pretty-known journalist, in spite of her still studying process, and Albert was home alone with no chances to return Molly to home and family. As Molly and Albert wanted to have no troubles with the divorce procedure, they decided to have an Uncontested Divorce. It means that they just filled in a Petition for the Divorce and filed with the Superior Court all other documents needed to have a No-Fault Divorce. They ordered somewhere the preparation of the documents online (we are going to ask Molly which service they used to get all divorce papers and tell you about it later if interested). In 20 days Albert and Molly got a Final Decree, and the fairytale was over. The result was rather obvious. After the graduation, Albert and Molly were single again and came to the graduation party separately with new partners.

Updated: Students kept asking what services they used to obtain the divorce papers. Molly has said they have used these services.

Why is the quantity of the student divorce cases so huge?

Firstly, when you are getting married at the age of 21 or 24, you don’t think about the consequences of their fast marriage. The most time is taken by the studying process and it is absolutely normal to be a little bit easy-ming at such an age. Further, you understand that you have different goals with your second part and want separately various things. It pushes you to start finding the common language with other people and forget about your current spouse. To omit such pity situations, you should just think twice before doing something, especially when you are currently at university and you can’t devote all your time to your family. Be responsible for your decisions and everything will be all the best!

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