How to become a university topper | Career Tips in 2018

How to become a university topper | Career Tips in 2018


In our life, we should be always active and energetic everywhere: at school, at work, in relations, with our hobbies, etc. Such a tendency makes us a bit perfectionists, however, it is not a good or bad feature, it’s just life, and we should be prepared for all the nastinesses of it. At the university the students are not children anymore, they have their own preferences, minds, and tastes, so to become a topper at the university is an absolutely normal desire. But is it easy enough to become the best of the best? For sure not! Let’s get acquainted with the process of being the coolest student ever.

General characteristics of the group topper

Who is the topper? Well, guys, to tell you the truth, a topper is a person who constantly does all the tasks of the professor or the supervisor, whatever they are. He/she can spend hours fulfilling a complicated homework or preparing the project for tomorrow. The topper is completely involved in the study proceeding, despite all other deals and troubles. It does not mean that the topper is just a bookworm. No, and once again not! This person is just devoted to the new knowledge, new skills, and new abilities. If you are solving any troublesome aspect with the topper, you will see, that a topper is not nervous or in a hurry. He/she simply commits the duties that can be in hand for him/her in future.  For instance, a university topper cannot go to bed before the project is not done. As we can admit, a topper is not easy enough. If you want to become the best student and in future the best candidate for a job with a salary of more than $150 000, you have to wait a lot and just study. Study hard. Study every day. Study as if it is your last chance to become happy. Are you ready for such a life during 5-6 years? If yes, let’s go further.

Problems and obstacles of the group topper

We have to warn you about several problems that you can meet while you are trying to be the most valuable among the whole group or even the whole university. Here they are:


  • You may have problems with some subjects. If you are a topper, it does not mean, that you are able to learn everything for a Grade A! You are a human, so to have several problems with the subjects is naturally. The problem is that you are A TOPPER and you cannot be the second or the even the last at anything. You will spend much time with this or that subject, but you will definitely get A.
  • You can have several problems with health. If you study a lot, you can spoil your health due to the lack of sleep, lack of good food, lack of time to go for a walk, etc. All these factors will influence your feeling good slightly further, so be careful and try to find time for yourself.
  • You can have some haters. You don’t have a choice. If you are better, faster, more intelligent, more gifted or else, you will TRULY have haters. It is not the best feeling in your life when somebody constantly wants to kill you for your correct answers and a great reputation among the supervisors, but prepare yourself to be the best and just ignore such “well-wishing” people.
  • Your work can be underestimated.  In the world of science and education, there are a huge number of people, who have a different opinion than you do. Is it a news for you? You should prove your rightness and fight for your interests. Everything is rather simple, don’t you think so?


Well, the life of the topper is not the easiest one, you must be hard and self-purposed to meet your goals, so now we will try to give you some more trustworthy pieces of advice to make your life easier.

Tips for being a perfect university topper


  • Do not cut it close. If you do everything at the last minute, you are no a topper! You cannot be on time with all the deadlines just because time flies really fast. You should check everything in advance, so the last chance is not for you.
  • Do not force yourself to study hard. You should take it as easy as possible to be a topper. Your duty is not only to drill, but also to implement your skills in your future career.
  • Have some time off. Go to the cinema, go to the circus, go to the party or any other place to become relaxed and calm. It will make your life more colorful and give you the necessary energy. You will not hate all the studying process in general and achieve even more.
  • Stay calm. The more you get nervous, the less you succeed in the process of studying. If you are concentrated on your main goals, you will better grasp the material.
  • Get a motivation. It is the most useful tip to become a successful student. Always bear in mind why you need to do it and what the results you will possess in future.


For sure, there are numerous tips more in the everyday life, but these are the key ones that you’d better remember well or fix to your mirror in the bathroom. More tips you can find on YouTube. Just watch this magnificent video:

10 Habits To Become A Topper In Studies

Why is it important to be a topper at the university?

Each of us wants to be successful in life. Anyway, the topper at school or at university means that a person is a greatly goal-oriented. In the adult life, such a quality costs an arm and a leg. You are prepared that nothing will be given you just for a song, so all the aims you will get if you do fulfill your duty to study.

To sum up, we can admit, that to become a topper in the study, you have to first become a leader for yourself. Believe in yourself and trust yourself. That is the main reason for the success.

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