How to become a well-paid university professor | Career Tips in 2018

How to become a well-paid university professor | Career Tips in 2018


Have you ever dreamt to become one of the most successful professors ever? To create a super modern lab and invent marvels of engineering? Or to teach your students all the newest technologies that can be accessed only to the geniuses? The profession of the professor is a vividly interesting deal. Today we will dig deeper into this fabulous thing and clear up the most significant issues of it.

General Job Description

University professors are liable for the educational process of the undergraduate and postgraduate students and interns, the preparation of the methodological guides and materials,  the supervision of all the students’ work, projects, etc. The principal moment of this profession is to give knowledge to the students in a well-qualified and friendly atmosphere.

Daily work specification of the professor

A usual professor of any American university has lots of duties during the day. The main of them are:

  • To lecture at least three lectures
  • To prepare the different tasks for the students of different levels
  • To write the methodological material at least for 2-3 groups

These and other tasks seem to be rather routine, therefore any person can get tired of them and completely burn out. In the USA, the university professors have special bonuses for their good job, such as additional holidays, extra payment, etc. Traditionally, the working day of the professor can last up to 8 hours. It includes lots of stress so that a person should have enough sleep during the night, a well-balanced food and other items, making this work less complex.

Problems within a professor job

There lots of troubles that each professor can face in his/her career. Here are the most common of them:

    1. A big quantity of work. Here everything is clear, and the American government tries to upgrade the latest university programs to provide the students with the homework more than with the classwork in such a case, the professors have more free time. Unfortunately, until today the professors have an overtime almost every day, that causes various problems with their health.
    2. Lack of good and hard-working students. The professors make a huge number of efforts to give the knowledge as simple as possible, so when the students neglect an opportunity to get the new things, it makes the professors pretty confused and takes the moral power away.
    3. Lack of new tasks. Everyone knows, that if you are willing to get some new knowledge or share your skills with others, it is highly important to have an ability to create something new. It is also terribly embarrassing. For the creative individuality the lack of new tasks and idea; equals the lack of zest for life. IT is highly well-spread all around the USA.

As we can see, to become a professor, you need to overcome a majority of different obstacles, so think twice beforehand you choose a profession.

Steps to gain a professor degree in the USA

There are several essential steps to become a university professor. Let’s talk over them right now.

Step 1

Make a choice for your future career. Be absolutely sure that you are pretty suitable for such a role in your life and that you will not regret about your future profession.

Step 2

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. In order to become a university professor, you have to get it. Unless you fail to be a Bachelor, there is no chance to go further in the science.

Step 3

Get a Master’s Degree. The following level of your future professor career is also a must-have one. You should get it anyway to continue your education. It can be harder than the previous level, but anyway, nobody promised that to get a professor degree would be easy.

Step 4

Take a doctorate in your sphere. After the Master Degree, when you already have the highest education, your next position is a doctorate. The process of studying is really complicated, but it will bring you one level closer to your dream.

Step 5

Publish your works. You have to publish all the articles that are valid and correspond to your future professor sphere. It is a necessary step in your professor degree. The more you publish, the better position you get.

Step 6

Get known with influential people from your sphere. You should think about your career in advance, so try to get as many famous people in your sphere as possible. They will definitely help you to continue your education and assist your professor career.

Step 7

Send your CV to all the universities you want to work at. The more CV you send, the more opportunities to become a successful professor at the well-known university with a perfect reputation.

Special Features of a successful professor

To be a great professor, you need to own at least several of the following qualities:

  • Have a willingness to give to your students all the useful knowledge you possess
  • Adore communicating with people
  • Have a non-conflict behavior
  • Be positive and diligent
  • Have an ability to write and read a lot without being tired
  • Take for granted all the complications at work

It is not a full list that every university professor has to get, but is the person has just one quality-interest to his/her work, all other items are considered to be secondary.

The approximate salary of a professor in the USA

We can’t omit such an important topic as the salary. It is rather changeable according to a part-time or a full-time position of the professor, the number of lectures, the experience of teaching, etc. According to Indeed, it fluctuates from $55,000 to 67,000 per year. This salary includes tax rates and additional expenses. Moreover, it is truly important to get a health insurance to protect yourself from any unexpected situation. The more you work with the methodological material, the bigger your level as a professional. In total the money is not bad, guys, isn’t it?

All in all, we can point out that to become an objectively sound university professor, you should remember that your profession is extremely important for the whole future generations. You choose your way in everything, so be attentive in your choice and try to do your best to succeed in this tricky sphere.

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