How our students usually get married

How our students usually get married

Marriage…Family…Relationships…When you are young and have lots of dreams, when everything seems to be rather simple and achievable, the goal to create a strong and happy family is the crucial one. According to the latest statistics, the majority of people create their families during their university years. It seems to be pretty wise because it gives us an opportunity to organize one of your most valuable parties ever! Our students usually marry with a great number of the highly interesting traditions and customs, a lot of guests and a great amount of food and delightful music. Furthermore, the students’ parties are the funniest and the coolest of all. Let’s meet the most interesting facts about how to tie the knot at our university.

The best age to get married

Regarding the last research that is conducted annually, we can admit, that the couples who gets married at the age of 21 to 24 years, live together longer and have more common interests. Traditionally, it is the 3-5 course of the university and the future spouses have already chosen their way in their lives. At the university, young people have the most opportunities to meet their future husband/wife due to the abundance of various pretty girls and boys with common interests and goals for the future life. When a couple meets each other in the circle of similar hobbies to their owns, they build their relations not only on the sex relations or physical attraction but also they distinguish their support and hope for the better life in one of their same-year students.

Main steps of the wedding

We can tell you about some of the most well-spread steps and customs of the weddings. Let’s go right now!

  1. The marriage proposal. Typically, a fiance prepares for such an important event in advance. As it is the student wedding, he organizes a secret campaign that arranges all the events of the proposal. The proposal can take place right during the lecture, with an unexpected bouquet of roses, traditional standing on one knee, offering the traditional wedding  ring with diamonds, etc. Other places of making the proposal can be the stairs of the university, the university hall with a great number of other students, observing the whole event, etc. As a rule, this part of the future wedding is the most significant and the most troublesome.
  2. Meeting with the parents. If the parents of the couple are not acquainted yet, the duty of the future spouses to make them the most traditional meeting, with tasty and well-qualified drinks, good relaxing music, different interesting stories, etc. The students who are willing to become one family should do their best to help their new joint family to get a common language.
  3. The preparation of the wedding. This part of the future joint life can become the most controversial for both students who can be from different cultures, religions, etc. In addition, the money that is spent on the wedding is growing more and more, concerning the tastes of both future spouses. A fiancee is usually concentrated on the style of the wedding dress, the number of guests, the food, and beverages at the wedding, etc. To the contrast, the fiance is thinking about the good organization of the wedding and expenses. At our university, among the students’ society, there were several couples who broke up due to the different vision of the wedding. Be careful with it and let your patience go!
  4. At least the wedding! Finally, when all the steps of the future wedding are covered, and all the conditions are met, you have to remember about that fact that nobody will make your wedding better, just you can be able to fulfill such an event as well as others will never achieve! The students wedding itself is the best way to celebrate it in the open air, with all the possible guest, friends, parents, etc. Usually, the wedding is really funny, the guests clink glasses, and the couple kisses, the DJs are playing the moving music, and everybody is having fun!

According to the old traditions, the hall of the wedding is usually decked with flowers, according to the color of the wedding dress, all the wedding presents are kept in the special room. After the party, the newly married couple often leaves for the other country for their honeymoon or stays at one of the hotels for their first married night.

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What shouldn’t you do at the wedding?

In order not to become a person of no Grata and lose some of your closest buddies, you had better remember several rules of the common wedding etiquette that will allow you to be the star of any wedding party. Here they are:

  1. Never dress better than the fiancee. You have to follow the common rules. It is a stipulated axiom. If you dress better than the main heroine, you will attract more attention, it is not the best idea of yours unless you are the fiancee!
  2. Never be rude to other guests. If your company is huge, and you do not like somebody from them, don’t show it to others and neglect your feelings to go away from the party. Remember! It is not your party, and you should respect the celebration of other people.
  3. Don’t drink too much. If you drink a lot, you may not control yourself. In order to omit such an unpleasant situation, you have to keep your horses and stay rather sober.

Well, guys, anyway, the wedding is one of the most powerful events of your life, so, if you are willing to start your family life at the university, you should be prepared to some problems, several obstacles that can spoil your mood only if you let them do it. But we are sure that you will do your best to become the coolest wife or husband ever and to create the happiest family in the world!

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